Burke's Maple Farm is owned and operated by Dennis and Lisa Burke.

In 2001, Dennis, a farmer at heart, looked over the beautiful acreage we have and
entertained thoughts of working the land with crops and live stock.  He
approached Lisa with the idea, who said "I don't think so. It's a lot of work for one
person."  Dennis went back to the woods to pout and saw all the maple trees on the
property.  Right then knew he wanted to try making maple syrup.  Again, he went
to Lisa with the idea.  Since she grew up watching her grandfather make maple
syrup, she was open to that plan.  They both knew it was a lot of hard work in a
short period of time but were excited about making this sweet product.  

What started out as a hobby and sales through word of mouth has grown into a
small family business based on tradition.  Our 150 acres of land graced with
God's own sweet trees is located just north of Carbondale, Pennsylvania near
beautiful Crystal Lake and the Elk Mountain Ski Resort.


Our work is a family endeavor and we are grateful to many people for their help
and support. For making all this possible, we'd like to offer "Sweet Blessings" to:



  • First and foremost to Our Almighty God for blessing us with this beautiful land and guiding us along our maple journey.

  • Grandpa and Grandma Eimers, may they rest in peace, for encouraging us to journey into the sugarin' business and for the knowledge and wonderful memories they shared.

  • Lisa's dad, Dave. For being bored and working countless number of hours all year helping us prepare for the maple season, work the season and clean up after the season; for lending his knowledge of the sugarin' tradition; and for all the help splitting, stacking, and carrying firewood, which some came from his 'other job' Eimers' Tree Service.

  • Lisa's mom, Mary Lou, for helping supply us with lunches, dinners, and snacks because we can't live on maple alone; and for helping with the kids.

  • Dennis’ parents, Donna & Jim. For retiring, coming up to lend a hand then sticking around to learn the whole sugarin’ process, for help at craft fairs, and for continued support & encouragement.

  • Our GREAT neighbors & friends, Rich Wormuth, Craig Borders, & Kurt Schield, who stepped in to help when we thought our sugarin’ days were over. They ran lines, tapped trees, collected sap, stoked the fire, and provided encouragement and support!

  • Antoine's Timbering, Luke, Bobby, Benny, and Victor, for their expertise in timber management helping us keep our maple trees healthy; and for creating all that firewood.

  • Our creative friend, Nikki Keller, for knowledge and insight in marketing and web design.  We wouldn't be "here" if it weren't for her.

  • All are worth their weight in golden syrup!

glass jugs
glazed walnuts
maple painting
leaf people

224 Crystal Lake Rd

Fell Twp  PA 18407

If we're home, we're open!
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